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By clicking on any of these links below and signing up for these platforms, please know I will earn a percentage of you signing up. I never become an affiliate for any product that I don’t use personally or professionally. I like to keep things upfront and honest but I definitely appreciate your support!

Arist: Text Message Learning platform (14-day Trial)

SuperPhone: Powerful SMS Marketing at Scale

ConvertKit: Email Marketing for Online Creators (30-day Trial)

Learn From Me

In 2021 and beyond, if you are a service provider, these are the only ways you can learn from me:

Mobile Crew: Connect with me via SMS/Text

TheBlackTechie™: YouTube Channel

SuperPhone Academy: YouTube Channel

Shop: Digital Products

Membership: Coming in 2021 (Signup for the Waitlist)

Work With Me

In 2021 and beyond, if you are a service provider, this is the only way you can work with me as I will be shifting my agency to working exclusively with Collegiate & Professional Athletes going forward:

Mini-VIP Day

Full-VIP Day

For Collegiate & Professional Athletes, here’s how we can start the conversation of you working with me:

Text Me