Data Visualization Should Be Taught At HBCU’s

In 2022, I provided a talk to students at an HBCU about Data Visualization. I choose this topic so the students could see how they can merge sports with this passion. 


Data is literally everywhere. It’s so important that students understand that.

This generation connects differently to education. It’s important to meet students where they are. It was my intention to make sure I made my talk fun, visually stimulating, relatable, and educational.

There is a framework for Data Visualization. While discussing this framework, it was important for students to see it firsthand. It also showed why there was a need for this type of class or elective at HBCU’s.

The future of Data Visualization shows why it is so untapped in certain industries (especially in Sports). I plan to teach this to the next generation also while conducting my research.

Talking Data and Sports is something I am very passionate about but I also know it’s a part of my purpose. Students need to understand the impact data has on what they do on a daily basis.

It is my hope that more HBCU’s consider adding this course or elective for students who are interested in this space. The impact is bigger than you think!

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